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Welcome to the UHS Counselors Corner! 

We are so excited about this new school year.  We will be adding a new small group this year which focuses on children of parents who have been in jail or are now in jail.  This program is a support and encouragement to the child.  All group members are kept confidential.   The training for this new small group was amazing and I know it will bring comfort, peace and new friends together.  We will continue to have the Grief Group, Friend to Friend, which focuses on children who have lost a loved one.  I will see each classroom monthly for large group counseling which includes, social skills, career goals, test-taking skills, emotional and relational development as well as bullying to list a few.  If there is an area you see a need please don't hesitate to email me and discuss any issues with me.  I am here to help and I love the children of UHS.  

Thank you for visiting and check out the other areas in my counseling corner to learn more useful facts.


Janice Vest

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